Things Should Be Included In Your Car’s Service Belfast


If you are taking your car in for an interim service (required after every 6 months or 6,000 miles), then not everything in your car will be checked. But, everything will be checked in details in full car service (usually carry out every 12,000 miles or 12 months. Keep in mind that how many of the areas in your car will be checked, depends on the type of car service. Below, we have listed some key things must be included in your full car service.


All parts of your car engine will be provided robust tests and checks, which include checking the transmission and rear axle, coolant hoses, the exhaust system, clutch, air, spark plugs, fuel filters, auxiliary drive belt, fuel pipes and the radiator. Besides, it also includes checks of the suspension linkages, ball joints, shock absorbers, drive shaft joints and gaiters.


All your car tyres will be checked for obvious damage(destruction or a loss in value) like cracks and punctures. Full car services make sure that they have the minimum needed tread depth and that they are increased to the essential pressure level. To full checking of tyres, the wheels are given a thorough inspection as well. The wheel bearings and balancing, wheel alignment and suspension are checked properly. Always go for branded tyres Belfast, and the type of tyre you choose will depend on your car model and the driving conditions.


The full service will also include a complete check of the exterior lights on your car, which ensure that all front, side, rear and main lights are in full working order. Also, indicators, hazard lights, the brake and reverse lights, registration lights and fog lights will be checked.


The level of engine oil in your car will be checked and replaced if required. In addition, the condition and status of the oil filter will be checked and replaced if necessary. Besides, engine coolant levels with power steering fluid will be topped up if necessary.


There will be a complete inspection of the brakes, which will include checking that there is adequate brake fluid, checking of the pipes which deliver the brake fluid as well as the brake pads will be monitored to see that they are the right depth. If any one of them is damaged, then that will be replaced with new one.

Electrics And Instruments

All the important electronic devices will be checked and tested, like the battery, starter motor and alternator. The battery will be checked for leaks and the wiring is checked for signs of wear and damage. Besides, the service includes a test to ensure that the electrical instruments such as a rev counter, mileage counter, speedometer, etc., are in full working order.

After all of these elements listed above are checked and tested, your car is subjected to a road test to ensure that it is performing effectively.

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