America and Cuba Is Becoming Friends Soon

Barak Obama and Fidel Castro! These are the names of two strong politicians of the two strongest nations. These two names are very much popular among the whole world. Nevertheless, Barak Obama is the prime figure of America and Fidel Castro in the main figure of Cuba. They have gained their own position by very much struggle, hardworking and by the love of the people. Though Barak Obama is continuing his official and presidential works still now, but Fidel Castro is sick from the many days and that’s why he has to stay far from any kind of responsibility of the nation. From his behalf, his brother Raul Castro is maintaining the responsibility of his elder brother.

America and Cuba Is Becoming Friends Soon

 Though both of these two nations are very popular and very strong in various sides, but they had a very icy relation with each other. Their history says that, because of having some bitter experience in the past, theses two nations became like a foe of each other. They use to avoid each other in various kinds of international conference and the program of any agreement too. In a word, both of these nations used to behave like a step mother of each other. check out more about this here.

But it is certainly a matter of great joy that, this icy relation is getting weaker day by day.  The two nations decided to act like a friend and tried to develop the relation between these countries. However, as a result, Barak Obama, the respective president of America, had a tour in Cuba. There he met with Fidel Castro, enquired about his health condition and also invite Fidel to visit America whenever he recovers. Obama also did some important agreements with Cuba. So, the people of these both nations are eagerly waiting for the positive changes between their political relations.

However, the other nations also felt happy by knowing these political changes of America and Cuba. They hopefully are waiting for that situation, when these two nations will be the real friend of each other. If their dreams come true successfully, then undoubtedly it will be said that any other enemy country will have to suffer a lot because these two countries are very strong at wealth and weapon power also. Moreover, their army and other man power are also very much effective if any other foe country tries to fight with them or try to usurp anything of them.

Well, not only the ordinary public or the politician in America or Cuba is eagerly waiting for these positive political changes between these strong two countries, but also the people of the other nations of the world are

also hoping for the best of this condition.  No matter, the political condition may effect on your country or not, but it obviously cannot be expected that any nation should contain any enemy concept with the other nation. The helpful condition of every nation can make condition of the world better.