Gorgeous design, confidence, young spirit and attitude, the New SEAT Ibiza has it all. Giving optimal driving pleasure with its careful design, rich materials and state-of-the-art technology. New colour options help you express your inner self.

Engine Improvement

A smooth and powerful EcoTSI engine to give you more control without losing the driving pleasure; 68.9mpg and CO2 94g/km are the impressive numbers with this engine. To make the most of the EcoTSI technology, the new vehicle has the latest Start/Stop System, which turns the engine off when not needed.

Energy Recovery System

The energy recovery system brings mind-blowing new economical technology to this wonderful car by collecting lost energy when the car brakes and converts it for use on acceleration for this incredible new Ibiza car bought from a SEAT Dealer in Essex.


What’s Inside this New Stylish Car?

The biggest changes to the new model have been made inside. The interior of the Ibiza boasts superior comfort, infotainment system, comfortable multi-functional steering wheel with easy access the trip computer, radio and phone contacts via Bluetooth.

Colour Packs

Customise the inside to give it a real, personable feel, packed with Full Link technology, giving you access to your phone using any compatible technology, including Apple Carplay, Android Auto or Mirror Link.

Multi-Collision Braking System

In the event of an accident, automatically applies the brakes the slow down the vehicle in an effort to avoid any further collisions.

Drive Profile of the New SEAT Ibiza

The driving style of the new Ibiza suits any needs. The Drive Profile allows you to choose between Comfort and Sport driving modes, and the throttle control, DSG transmission and power steering will adjust accordingly offering performance without loss of comfort and control.

Tiredness Recognition System

Detecting when the driver begins showing signs of fatigue, through analysis of steering wheel movements. Alerting the driver and recommends when to take a break.

Daytime Running Lights

Enabling a daytime light makes the new SEAT Ibiza be seen clearly by pedestrians and other road users. The style of the light purely enhances the already beautiful aesthetics.

Rear View Camera

You are connected through the Easy Connect Gen 2 touchscreen to the rear view camera, this kicks in as soon as you engage reverse gear, making parking in tight spaces and around obstacles easier, spotting hazards that sensors might not detect.

Ambient Light

Enjoy a driving experience for any occasion and landscape by setting the tone of your internal lighting.

Seat Sound System

Enjoy your music in the new SEAT Ibiza with a powerful subwoofer and 7 incredible speakers, touch screen interface and external device connections, all make for a sublime music experience allowing you to truly enjoy your driving for the ultimate ride.

The New SEAT Ibiza delivers an upgrade of grand proportions, the best SEAT car yet, engaging all new updates both for in car entertainment and driving technology, therefore giving an experience beyond any other vehicle in its category, The New SEAT Ibiza is a step ahead of the pack.