When Do You Need A California Apostille Service?

When do you need an apostille? When you want to use a document outside of the USA and you need to have the public official signature on that document authenticated. You need the Apostille to verify the authenticity of the signature, the actual content of the document is not important. An Apostille represents an additional measure of precaution so that the identity of the signatory if confirmed, as well as the officials who are certifying this identity.

When Do You Need A California Apostille Service?

Let us take a look at what kinds of documents require an Apostille:

  • Marriage license
  • Birth certificate
  • Power of attorney
  • Death certificate
  • Background check
  • Certificate of non-marital status
  • Papers for adoption
  • School records
  • Mortgage loan
  • Corporate documents

If you want to use any of these in another country, you will have to have them apostilled. And this is not an easy task.

Trying To Accomplish This on Your Own

Here are some steps you would need to make if you would want to use a power of attorney in a document signing transaction.

First, you need to find a notary public to verify your identity. He will seal the document and use a Secretary of State stamp on it. This document has to be sent to Recorder of County Clerk to confirm that the notary public is in good standing with the state and is appropriately commissioned.

Secondly the certified document has to be submitted further so that the County Clerk signature is authenticated.

This is just a part of the entire story. There are a number of procedures that need to be completed and this is definitely not something you would like to try on your own.

The Best Way to Go

Since you would have to become an expert on various fields to get a proper apostille and spend a lot of time and money to get everything right, it’s much easier and cheaper to find online California apostille service. You can get everything done quickly and easily, without you spending your time or stressing about the documents. Some of these online services can help you get any kind of apostille you need.

You will want to find the best online service for this task. And the best ones will offer you 24 hour turnaround services. You can ship your documents to their address and they will be able to apostille all your documents within the same day and ship them back to you. Of course, some other services will tell you that they need one or more weeks to complete this process, but you should avoid to use them. When you choose the best online California apostille service, you should be hiring experienced and knowledgeable notaries that will correctly and quickly notarize your documents.

Even if your documents need to be translated, the service you decide on should be able to complete that task for you. Of course, there are many other things you can get help with and it’s best that you contact the available services to see which of them suit your needs. And, be sure to check their prices. Usually, the services that are not so reliable will not state their prices on the website so it might be best to avoid them. Use only the best online California apostille services as they have nothing to hide and are completely transparent.

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