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While majority of the population around the world wear shoes that looks artistically great and aesthetically amazing, the good looking shoes are always not the good choice for you and your feet. Feet needs much more comforting and relaxing footwear then you actually buy in reality.

Feet are the most sensitive part of the body and often needs much more care and attention. The whole weight of the body is put directly on the feet and it has to carry that for proper walking and running activities. But people do not five attention to the need of proper shoes and have therefore strain their feet and stick to bed.

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Disadvantages of Wearing Bad Fitted Shoes:

There can be very dangerous consequences of wearing bad fitted shoes and they can also affect your life time walking ability. Following are some of the disadvantages of wearing bad fitted shoes:

  • Wearing bad fitted shoes can lead to a number of foot disorders.
  • Blisters on feet can be caused as a result of wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.
  • Callouses and bunions are also common problems of feet.
  • By wearing hard fitted shoes, hammer toes may also occur disturbing your overall foundation of the body.
  • Tight shoes may also result in poor blood circulation in feet resulting in insensitiveness.
  • The skeletal structure of the feet may also change due to which the pressure points of the feet may get affected.
  • The posture of the person also gets affected by feet issue and the walking style may also get changed.
  • Due to feet issues, hip, lower back and knees may also get affected and pain can be occurred in different lower body parts and joints.

Basic Points of Consideration:

The basic points that should be considered for buying perfect shoes for your feet are described below:

  • Size: Size is the major factor affecting the fitting of the shoe. A person should wear shoes according to his size and not larger or smaller than that as it may lead feet issues. You can also go to different shoe shops to get the perfect shoe size for you or you can also measure it by yourself.
  • Style: Style of different shoes may affect the size as well. Therefore it is important to check the style according to the size of the feet. Sometimes some shoes with the same sizes may appear to be tight due to its style while some appear to be loose. Style shoes be picked carefully.
  • Width: most of the people always pay attention to only the length of the shoe but not its width. However, width is an important factor of consideration while buying shoes that can lead to serious health issues.

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