How To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills?

How To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills?

Ask yourself this question. What that one thing that’s going to make sure that you get admission in your favorite college? To your surprise we would like to tell you that it’s definitely not the grades. Of course good grades make a lot of difference on your college application but they alone don’t account for the surety of getting a seat in a reputed and prestigious college. So is it the recommendation letter? The answer is no, even the recommendation letter won’t get you far enough. The right answer is the essay writing. The essay that you write for your college application can make a lot of difference. It can catapult you ahead of other applicants and it can also get you rejected. With such importance being given to essay writing, it is in your best interest to learn the art of essay writing. These days there are a lot of essay writing services that can help you. You can pay for college papers online. Whether you decide to take some help from these services or not, you will have to face the challenge of writing an excellent essay. In this article we will discuss some unusual tips and techniques of improving your essay writing skills.

  • Get into a Discussion with your Friends:

Some people call this technique as brainstorming. What you do is that you assemble a group of friends and you start a discussion. This technique is extremely helpful for those who are new to essay writing. As you start the discussion, you will get to know about different views and opinions of your friends. These views and opinions will help you advance your own thought process. You will like some views while you will discard others. The point is that discussion is a very viable tool for educating yourself on any given topic.

How To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills?

  • Read Essays Written by your Friends:

Sometimes you will doubt your own essay writing skills. It is normal to be afraid of failure. This unwanted feeling can actually propel you towards excellence. If you ever feel that you have doubts about your essay writing skills, ask one of your friends to show you their essays. Reading the essays written by your friends will have two benefits. The first is that you will absorb their techniques and such absorption will enrich your own vocabulary and methodology of essay writing. The second benefit is that you will be able to judge your competency. As you read the essays written by your friends, you will be able to judge their level and compare it to your own level. In most of the cases your friends will write essays just like you do and this can take away the inferiority complex.

  • Read Newspaper:

Newspapers are full of interesting articles and all of them are written in a good language. Reading these articles will help you to develop a complex and rhetorical tone. Reading editorials will also give you a clue of how to structure your essays properly. But don’t focus on the news articles; it’s the editorials that you should be interested in.

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