How To Reach The Top By Personal Branding?

Web Branding

No One Remembers the Runner-up. People Only Remember the Winners

Just like this, you’ll only be remembered if you have properly branded your name. Branding isn’t only for the corporates or tycoons. But branding is for everyone. And then branding isn’t going to make you popular or unique. But branding in a proper manner will make you stand out from the crowd.

Today branding is very easy. The most important, cheap and accessible form of branding is being on the web. You need to make your appearance on the web to help people find you.

A particular method of branding includes:

  • A unique web design
  • The content of the website is one that’s easy to remember, informative, user-friendly and unique
  • And it includes being on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and all those popular platforms

Branding your name is marketing. You need to follow a plan to do it well. Here, I’ve few steps you need to follow to reach your targeted audience:

How To Reach The Top By Personal Branding?

Branding via Internet

Like I said being on the web is one of the key methods to brand yourself. Using the power of the internet, you can do more with less efforts and investment. Let’s assume that you’re a web development company. You offer web development, web designing and SEO services. What so unique about you? Many other web development companies do this. This is the real challenge for you. Here, you need to come up with a web design, which is unique and mobile-friendly (as more than 40% of traffic is generated through mobiles). The content is authoritative, informative, error-free and unique. The website isn’t stuffed with too much content and isn’t left empty.

Websites are like stores. You need to decorate them as there is enough space to walk. The contents are placed appropriately and accordingly. The staff is friendly. And the stores deliver the services you expected.

It isn’t easy to get a website that fulfils everything. But it is worth trying.

So, the point here is clear and simple. The internet is your best platform to brand yourself. But follow the path where you find not just fewer but countless clients.

Your Brand Reflects Yourself

Your website is the first thing, which includes your branding. So it has to be something that none other has. Let me give you a quick overview.

  • Get a customized domain name
  • Get yourself free accounts on famous social media websites
  • An email address with your brand name
  • Get personalized pictures and videos
  • Share success stories with your audience

These are all ways to tell about your business or yourself. People want to know about you before they can go with.

Your brand should reflect you alone. It mustn’t be a blend-in with other same businesses. Taking the above example of a web development company, you can do a lot. Your clients will differ from your competitors. Your name will be different, and it has to unique (but easy to remember).

When personalizing, you must have to keep an eye on your competitors. But don’t follow their footsteps. You can get ideas from them and from others as well. You can also come up with new and unique ideas. Branding your name isn’t everyone man’s job. For this, you will need some expertise. If you don’t possess them, you can hire or outsource a professional branding company.

Story-telling to Branding

In the beginning, you’ll not have much to share. But you can still share how you landed here. Even if you think your story isn’t worth sharing, make it. Put some spice into it. Don’t lie, as it will be caught. And it will hurt you. Like I said earlier, you need a professional branding services. When you’ve experts to your team, they’ll make even a boring story to an exciting and engaging story. People will then come to you and remember you.

Designing Your Brand

Web design and logo design all will add to value to personal branding. Get a logo, which is remembering and unique. Logos will not say about you. So add a motto, a slogan that’s promising.

Then comes the website design. Design includes a lot of things. It isn’t all about images and colours. Designing includes all that is on your website. The key points to have a great design includes:

  • Colours matching your logo
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Easy to surf
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Relevant images and videos (but don’t overdo)
  • Text that is well written, unique, readable, error-free, informative, short but precise and highlighting the key points

You might like to add flash, but you shouldn’t. Flash is replaced by HTML5. Flash will slow the loading. But HTML5 is worth the use.

A design that’s simple will attract more than a design that has too much on it.

What are the Benefits?

Summarizing the above content will give us the following benefits of personal branding:

  • People will know come to know you
  • You’ll be remembered
  • Traffic will rise
  • More leads will come your way
  • Your business will be on the track, for which you’ve been branding for


When you’re branding yourself you need to think like a pro. Don’t rush. Wait for the right moment. If you can’t do it yourself, it’s better to spend a little and hire or outsource a branding services company, UK. There too you’ve to be extra smart. You can’t just pick randomly. Investigate a bit before you outsource a designing and branding company.

By Samia H

Sheraz saleem ghouri is an upcoming article writer. He is an engineer and a business graduate. Presently, he is a senior O level teacher and a student counselor at a very renowned institution. He is interested in education, Technology, events and management writings. You may contact him on the below address. [email protected]

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