Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 5 &Amp; iPhone 6 Plus

Hi all. Today we are here with something more interesting which our heading would have already suggested you. Yes! In this blog we will be discussing already released Apple’s iPhone 6 plus and Samsung’s yet-to-release phablet- Galaxy Note 5, to be released in September 2015.

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 5 &Amp; iPhone 6 Plus

In this fast-advancing era, tech market is flooded with smart phones. You can witness new smartphone coming in every now and then. However, every smart phone manufacturer doesn’t provide you with all the features that you need or the satisfaction that you want after spending your hard-earned penny. When it comes to full utility or happiness of a smartness kind of thing, only two renowned names revolve in our minds…do I need to mention them??? You know it right!! Yes you guessed it correct, it’s the Apple and Samsung. Both are constantly in fight with each other to attain the top status of a technological leader, every time giving a tough competition to each other. This competition between these top most esteemed firms has put its buyers in dilemma of what to pick up in between Samsung galaxy note 5 and iPhone 6 plus.

So worry not! Here we come your Tech buddies to help you out. Today we will try to mark out the differences between the two phablets so that it becomes little easier for you to make your decision.

Few Important Features With Comparison Between Two

  1. DISPLAY – Apple iPhone 6 plus has a 5.5 inches screen while Samsung’s galaxy note 5 will be offering a 6.0 inches of display,though both are HD.
  2. RAM – Whereas iPhone 6 plus is giving you the RAM of 1GB, Samsung’s galaxy note 5 is giving you the RAM of 4GB.
  3. PROCESSOR- Apple’s iPhone 6 plus is running on dual core 1.4GHz apple A8 chipset, M8 motion co-processor and Samsung’s note 5 specs are going to include a 3.2GH octa core processor.
  4. Battery – iPhone 6 plus has a battery of 2,915 mAh whereas Note 5 will be having an enhanced battery of 3700mAh.
  5. STORAGE- This is a point where they are similar, offering three variants- 16/32/64 GB but only note 5 has an expandable capacity up to 128GB.
  6. CAMERA- This is could be a major point of difference between the two phablets and a decisive point for photography lovers. Whereas Apple’s iPhone 6 plus is offering a rear camera of 8MP with front facing camera of 1.2MP, Samsung’s note 5 is offering a 21MP camera at the back and 5MP as the front camera.
  7. RESISTANT TECHNOLOGIES – There is no dust or water proof technology in iPhone 6 plus but Samsung note 5 is in a better position as it is immune to both of these phone enemies.

So this was all about its important features. Now just to say a line about the price,we would like to mention that there is not much of a difference. The price of both the smart phones is more or less similar, falling approximate around $500-600.

This was all we had to say. We hope we have been able to help you out in making a correct decision by putting all fair comparative features.

May you have an amazing experience!

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