Safety Tips For Storms and Outages

Safety Tips For Storms and Outages

With the changing weather we need to take special care while using our electrical devices at work or in the work place. Nowadays storms and outages are becoming common. Power cuts will create huge disturbances and an inconvenience that no one likes in their daily life.

Due to huge disturbances in the weather there are various dangers that may occur due to these seasonal weather conditions. We encounter huge lightning and thunderstorms in the rainy season, that are most dangerous natural phenomena and threats that cause destruction of the people and their property. These extreme changes in the weather may result in freeze rains, ice, snow and storm that may result in power outages.

Outage Safety Tips:

There are a few safety tips that you can follow when you face any outage problem:

  • Check your power source or your outdoor connections and make sure they are in normal condition or any disconnections, or tripped breakers down
  • Cross check with your neighbors whether they are facing the same problem or not
  • If it is with you individually, call the Emergency Electrician Randwick for further help or assistance.
  • If the outage is for longer time or you have knowledge that it will be for longer, then
  • Switch-off all your electrical appliances such as AC, refrigerator, heaters, and geysers
  • Store required food in freezers and don’t open the freezer doors
  • Don’t cook inside the house with charcoal.
  • Be careful with emergency lights, heaters, fireplaces, candles and kerosene lamps.

Safety Tips For Storms and Outages

Power Outages may also occur due to the contact of trees and animals with the power supply. After a long outage make sure your house is ready for the restoration. Have a check:

  • All the appliances are ready to use and can safely receive the electricity.
  • No flammable items on the stove or heaters, irons left un-noticed or switched-on in dangerous condition.
  • Switch-off all the electrical devices in the house
  • Switch-on the devices that are necessary one by one with a time lapse in between switching on multiple devices.
  • Check whether everything is working well or not

If you are planning for an extended holiday and leaving your home for a longer time , shut down the main power breaker.

Storm Safety Tips:

The list of safety tips that will help you when there is a storm:

  • Use a phone that doesn’t run on electricity
  • Keep your cell phones charged
  • Stock-up with drinking water and non-perishable food items
  • Don’t enter the flooded basement and garages to turn off or check the power fuse
  • Switch off all your electrical devices and other sources such as natural gas services
  • Completely switch off all the electrical appliances at home to avoid overloading when the electricity restores
  • If any further assistance required or basement is flooded, call an electrician for assistance
  • Replenish all your emergency supplies that you used during the storm for future use.

If you want any further information call an electrician or hire an emergency electrician for further assistance.

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