4 Factors To Remember When Buying Rugby Boots

4 Factors To Remember When Buying Rugby Boots

Rugby is one of the most gruelling games on field. There are way too many nail biting sessions and the close call that players have of grabbing the ball from your opponents is way too intriguing. Amidst the gruelling session and the action that takes place on field, it is important that players don’t forget about their safety measures. Among the various safety measures, the right rugby boots is extremely important. A player’s ability to play well, completely depends on the kind of rugby boots that they are wearing. If the grip is not good enough, then the player will not just have a tough time to play well but will in turn hurt themselves by falling or tripping on the ground. So wear boots that fit your size and we tell you about the parameters to judge the kind of boots that is well suited for your game.

  • Know Your Feet – The shape of your feet and your running style are the two most important factors that determine the kind of boots that you must buy. In case you have a flat foot or a high arch, then the kind of boot you need to buy would be different. So first understand your feet and then go ahead to make the necessary purchase. In case of rugby, control over your feet and having grip on your body is all dependent on the boots that you wear. So make sure your boots give you the right grip and control.
  • Boot Type Should be Dependent on Your Playing Position – There is an interesting variation that comes in your rugby boots, so choose your preference carefully. The diverse range of rugby boots is primarily because of the different role that each player is responsible for in the field. The boots are designed keeping the different functionalities that a player serves on field in mind. Therefore, it is important for you to know your playing position before you buy the boots.
  • Material of the Rugby Boots – Rugby boots are available in two different materials, one being synthetic and the other is original leather. Leather has the ability to mould into the shape of the player’s feet to give the perfect fit and let the players have the right grip. In case of synthetic, the material is a lot lighter than usual and is also a lot more pocket friendly. Most of the time players opt for boots made from synthetic material so that their feet can breathe easily and they feel light on their feet.
  • Check the Online Shopping Portals – Online shopping is the magic phrase that has solution to all your shopping problems. So it is important that you check the online shopping portals to get the right boot to enjoy uninterrupted rugby session with your friends. But before buying rugby boots that have caught your fancy, it is important that you check the site carefully. Read up previous reviews to be sure of the quality of the product.

So play the game your way with all your strength, sweat, toil and mud because your rugby boots are not just taking good care of your feet but also giving you the right support.

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