Health Tips For IT/ Computer Workers

The days become more techie than any before. People are making their every work through the computers, online, smart devices from the tip of their fingers. It is good as the works are simplified but it’s raising the health issues as there is less physical work involved in it.

            The physical exercise keeps the human body in good health conditions, but people who adapted to this techie generation are facing serious health issues like Fat, Headache, BP levels, and different kinds of phobias. This rate is drastically increased in this last 5years. The computer related workers are needed to sit in front of the systems and has to work for a long time which leads to back pain and neck pains.

The human body requires some physical works, which keeps the organs of our body in a good healthy state. Working on the computer for a longer period creates stress, muscle strain, eye problems. The discomfort levels are high on in computer workers the studies say. For some people watching the computer monitor for long hours creates the vision problems, called computer vision syndromes. The Rate of increment in obesity cases is also explained how the computer workers are getting affected with their working culture style.

The human body wasn’t designed for to be sitting idle and work for longer works in the same position; it must have the moments like bending, moving, movements and walking. Then the body and organs will keep working together keeps the body status in a healthy mode.

What are the steps to be follow a computer worker to be healthy???

As the amount sitting hour’s increases, it affects the human organs working mechanism, it creates negative health progress.

Follow these simple steps which can help you if you are a computer worker who sits a infront computer for longer hours.

Health Tips For IT Computer Workers

1)  Work for Some Time in Standing Position

Sitting for longer hours creates the back pain and builds more pressure on back bone, relaxing for every 30 minutes, changing your sitting position can help you. Sometimes the waist size also increases as you work for long days with the same position. The regular waist exercise can help to reduce the fat meat inside waist. If possible work in standing position for a few minutes every time.

2) Stretch your Arms and Legs

The computer operators keep the legs and arms in the same positions while working for flexibility, but this habit affects the muscular parts of arms and legs, the mussels becomes weaker, it also affects blood flow moments.

To avoid such things keep your arms and legs always in little movement, do some stretching work, walk for a few minutes.

3) Adjust your Computer Monitor Position

The incorrect monitor positions create neck pains, creates pressure on backbones. Looking at monitor for several minutes in the wrong position and direction can seriously affect the neck. It’s also affects the eyes and cause eye syndromes. So adjust your monitor height and position. The monitor head should below your eye level or 10 degrees down to eye position. So you can look only 10 degrees down, which doesn’t affect much your back neck.

4) Make your Spine Move

It is the best technique for keeping your spinal cord not affected by your work style. Always move your head in both left and right directions. It makes you a spinal relaxes bit from the pressure created by looking at the same point for continuous minutes, bending the front and sides also is a good exercise for the spinal.

5) Stop Working when you Feel Stressed

It is quite common that computer workers feel stressed if they work continuously, it is not a good method to follow, if you feel stressed don’t continue with work take a break. Try to avoid thinking work, have some talk with your colleagues, drink some tea, listen to some good music, go out have some fresh air, watch some good humor shows. These actions can relief you from your stress.

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