How To Save Water At Home

How To Save Water At Home

Knowing how to save water will give you the opportunity to prevent easy on the pocket and make ends meet with a larger amount of money in the account.

In addition, to discover how to save water in your home in a simple way, all you have to do is continue reading this post and apply the tips and tricks you’ll find below. Hope you like!

Shower rather than Bath

Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath is most enjoyable. But beware! Reserve these pleasures for special occasions and choose to wash giving a quick shower. You can save up to 150 liters of water!

Save while you Brush your Teeth

Sometimes we leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving. This simple gesture can cause despite seem harmless, we spend up to 10 liters of water if we keep it closed while we perform these actions. Remember and your wallet will thank you!

How To Save Water At Home

Close Taps Tightly

Before leaving the bathroom or kitchen, make sure the faucets are tightly closed. Although a few drops lost, the amount of water will be very large if they remain open for several hours means.

Washing Machine and Dishwasher

If you put a half-empty washing machine or turn on the dishwasher without having filled completely, you just get to spend more water than necessary. Expected to accumulate a good amount of laundry that allows you to fill the washing machine and make the most and let the dishwasher is full of utensils before turning.

Washing up Saving Money

Another aspect to keep in mind when discovering how to save water will pay some attention when you wash dishes by hand. Instead of allowing the water to run happily throughout the cleaning process, prepared two bowls. In one of them, poured soap and water and use it to remove dirt from dishes. On the other, place clean water and employ it to clear the dishes and cutlery. You’ll save lots of money on your bills!

Defrost in Microwave

Many people, when defrosting food, opt for placing them under the tap and leave them there for a while. Error! Although the microwave consumes electricity, if you use this appliance to defrost the ingredients that go to cooking spending money will be much lower.

False or Low-water Plants

If you love fill your house plants but to save water, we recommend that you opt for decorating your home with plastic flowers or plants that need very little water to stay healthy.

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