Galaxy S6 VS Xperia Z3: Comparison

Galaxy S6 vs Xperia Z3

Today Smartphone market world is receiving superior reviews daily. The Samsung, Apple, HTC and Sony are the primary brands bringing surprising gadgets to the customers worldwide. The Xperia Z3 both was hitting the Smartphone market likewise the people expect the same success in Samsung galaxy S6. Both the gadgets would be done with unique features. There are several varieties of specification present in both the gadgets to benefit the users.

  Galaxy S6 VS Xperia Z3: Comparison

Design And Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with 5.3 screen display with fabulous AMOLED plus and this supports resolution like 1400×2560 pixels. The pixel density of Samsung Galaxy is 496ppi. The Xperia Z3 has 5.2 display along with IPS LCD display screen. The display resolution of Xperia Z3 has 1920×1080 megapixels, which supports 424ppi density.  The Sony Xperia Z3 was launched in the year of 2014 September and the Galaxy S6 will be released in the upcoming year of 2015. The Galaxy S6 can have 12bit core processor that is chipped with Exynos chipset 6 and this also gadget comes with 810 chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon. On other hand the Xperia Z3 was launched with 400 core processor with chipset rage 801 Qualcomm Snapdragon and this gadget was operated with 2.5GHz. The operating system of Samsung Galaxy S6 will have Android 4.5 with latest Touch Wiz interface but the Xperia Z3 was released with more advanced Operating system  Android 4.4 KitKat. The graphic processor of Xperia has Andeno 330 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 can give T760 ARM Mali graphic processor. The hardware device of Xperia Z3 is advanced when compared to previous models.

Features And Specifications Of Both Xperia Z3 And Galaxy S6

The sixth generation of Galaxy S gadget will be operated with 4 Giga Bytes RAM memories and the Xperia Z3 has been functioning with 3 Giga Bytes RAM memory space. The Xperia Z3 will release with two unique designs regarding the memory space. This has 3 Giga Bytes and 16 Giga Bytes is available in current Smartphone; those are having more ability to expand upto 128 Giga Bytes through MicroSD card. Likewise the Galaxy S6 can have same feature but this will have 32 Giga Bytes and 64 Giga Bytes of Galaxy S6. The Xperia Z3 has 2.2 MP front camera and 20.7 MP rear camera, this feature provides very good clarity and quality to the customer likewise, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will support 5 MP and 21MP respectively in both front and rear camera.. The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be supported 4G, 3G and 2G LTE Cat and the Xperia Z3 has the same feature in Galaxy S6. The Xperia Z3 battery is non removal one and provide high performance and long life to the customer, in this way the Galaxy S6 will give the same battery performance. The Galaxy S6 would have battery range of about 330 mAh and Xperia Z3 delivers 3100 mAh. The special features of Xperia and Galaxy s is having proximity sensor device and light sensor. Likewise the people expect that the future Samsung S7 will deliver astonishing features and specifications.

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