Exercise and Nutrition, The Perfect Match

Exercise and Nutrition, The Perfect Match

Exercise is always healthy, but with age we must consider that it is important to supplement it with a good and balanced nutrition. For this reason, we provide you a set of guidelines for exercising and eating right will always united.

Regular practice helps to lose weight, or maintain, and retain optimal health. Doctors claim that combined with proper habits and healthy life may even prevent some diseases. If you want to get started in this activity after a long period of rest you should start slowly, and gradually overcoming time run. Note that if you are a person over 30 years is advisable to visit your doctor, so that you make a general checkup to rule out any possible cardiac complications.

No Heavy Meals before Exercise:

Overeating can lower our performance and even make us feel bad or do a bad digestion. Fatty foods are hard to digest, like those that have high levels of sugar. The boiled eggs on toast, a banana, oatmeal with milk, are very healthy foods to make exercise while eating, as we help you have spare energy.

It is Good to Stop Every Half Hour of Exercise:

It is not necessary to beat us every day, ideally displayed modest when doing some sports. Eat something every hour of exercise is ideal, because our body stores these substances the equivalent of two hours of exercise, so it is not good to the limit of our reserves.

Exercise and Nutrition, The Perfect Match

Drink Plenty of Water or Sports Drinks:

It is important to stay hydrated and more with excess summer heat. By exercising, the temperature of our body, which is why we sweat to release heat and lose lots of fluids to replenish we find no wrong or faint.

Consuming Protein and Carbohydrates for Faster Recovery After Exercise:

Salads, bread, and bluefish are some of the foods rich in these substances so beneficial for our body. If you do not have much time a good glass of chocolate milk is also a rich and highly recommended food after exercise.

It is Advisable to Experiment with New Foods before Exercise:

It is more appropriate to eat things we know for sure we will not hurt and leave the experiments for other occasions.

Having a balanced diet rich in protein and nutrients such as fish, meat, or dairy in carbohydrates like rice and avoid, if possible, the consumption of added sugars. There are also vitamin supplements to complete everyday wear, but we recommend you be a doctor to decide if we need them or not.

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