Natural Methods To Fight Against Spiders In The House

Natural Methods To Fight Against Spiders In The House

You’re afraid of spiders? Or you just feel like they move away from your home? Nobody really wants spiders hanging around inside their house, spiders are dangerous threat to humans and deadly creatures and it is better to get rid of the spiders in your home than to get afraid of them. Spider bites can cause very painful and uncomfortable symptoms, Here are a variety of proven remedies you can use to scare them off or kill them. Opt for natural repellents with these 8 tips.

White Vinegar

Generally spiders don’t like vinegar, so once a day vinegar spray will keep spiders from entering your home. Spray white vinegar on the contours of your walls. By this method, spiders will not want to come into your home. They have a pungent smell and are also cheap natural product.


Spiders are don’t like tobacco leaves, you can find loose leaf tobacco, Simply put the tobacco leaves in the place of spiders tend to occur.


Lavender can repel spiders out of your home while filling the air with a pleasant aroma, Spray daily in every corner and walls of your home of lavender essential oil. You can put pretty lavender bouquets.

Citrus Peels

Citrus scents of essential oils or you can save money and enjoy a piece of citrus fruit when you use the leftover peels. If you are using citrus peels, the smell away along the spiders are powerful enough to make sure to replace them every 24 to 48 hours.

The Alum Stone

Alum powder, Prepare yourself a natural method. Add 50 g of alum powder in 500 ml water. Prepare a mix spray bottle of 500 ml. Spray on places of spiders are likely to live. That will kill the spiders


Simply purchase the chestnuts in store, Cut it into two pieces and put them at every corner of your home. This method will help you to get rid of spiders. Chestnuts are that they do not go bad quickly so you get long-term relief from spiders.

The Leaves Of Chestnut

The chestnut leaves are also a good way to get rid of spiders. Put leaves on the edges of your windows.

Peppermint Oil

Like other tricks, pure peppermint oil is very strong definitely spiders will hate it, and also the some other pets to do. Mix peppermint oil with water and to dilute the oil. Simply use this spray all rooms of your home, then spiders tend to go. Oils may stain or cause spots, so be sure to test the mixture on a small section of carpet or upholstery before spraying an entire surface.

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