8 Things Graduates Only Can Understand

Are you a recent graduate or a current students? You know what, it does not matter as you will still recognize yourself in this post. This article is devoted to all students of the world.

There will be no education related tips or strong pieces of advice. Not even a word of wisdom. Let’s recall all the funny things you experienced when you were a student. As much as it was complicated at times, it is nice such a nice memory to bring up today.

Now, put up a smile on your face and let’s begin!

Do you Remember Saying Following:

“I am still your friend, but I can’t go out for a drink tonight!”

Each of us had that friend or friends who would constantly try to get you out on Friday or Saturday night. As much as it was an extremely tempting offer, you knew that if you go to party, you will end up looking for some custom essay writing service to order your homework from after all.   And for students it is way out of their tiny-tiny budgets.

Or, Maybe you Recall This:

“When I say that I’m broke, I actually mean this. I have no money at all”

It happened even to the best of us. When children go to the college they get this financial freedom, but they really have no clue how to manage their finances. Have you noticed how right after first semester your child would come back home so skinny? It’s very unlikely that it happened because of his sleepless study nights. It is a cause of a poorly managed budget. Don’t worry, it gets better after a few mistakes when they were left hungry.

8 Things Graduates Only Can Understand

Your Office Looked Like a Research Laboratory

This is for those who how-studying-or-working-abroad-makes-you-smarter studied and worked  part-time.  Remember asking to print multiple papers free of charge. Sometimes your manager would just go mad. Some would allow this and others would not. As a student you have to write and then print out many papers. Having a job where you can print out those papers is just so awesome. And, eventually, your entire office would like a lab- nothing even close to a decent work place.


When you begin to read some material you really start wanting to sleep. But then you realize that there is still so much to do before the next lecture and voile, you can’t fall asleep at all as you are extremely nervous. Good night sleep is a big treasure for students, especially for graduates.

Weekends…Never hear of that!

When else can you finish your papers other than on weekends? Grad students don’t know such thing as resting or going to the movies with friends on weekends. What they know is even more study time.

Expected the unexpected from your Classmates

It is really hard to differentiate who is who as in college everyone looks pretty much the same. But it gets closer to graduation time you can really understand who is the winner and who isn’t, aka who studied enough and who didn’t.

8 Things Graduates Only Can Understand

Backpack is your Home, Smartphone is your Office

Basically, having these two you can study anywhere. Modern smartphones are so big that it is even convenient to surf the internet for hours (just make sure you have a charger). Your backpack is always full of necessary stuff.

Monitoring Health?

Oh, please, students don’t have such amount time for this. Instead of doing their regular check-ups they’d rather sleep.

Ok, it was a great journey. A lot has been left out, but you got the point. Have a great life!

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