5 Ways Companies Can Prepare For Economic Crisis

A business could be very successful just a few years ago, when consumers spend long hours in shopping malls and loved shopping. Businesses work well when cash flows quickly and consumers can access credit easily. Rapid cash flow would open the door for more business, since consumers have financing opportunities to buy products. However, history tells us that good economic condition can’t last forever.

The global economic crisis could hit countries badly and not all businesses could design strategies to effectively contain bad situations. In difficult situations, more and more businesses are closing, while others struggle to survive.

Anyone who thinks that a business could run smoothly forever, while everyone is enjoying themselves could make a huge mistake. The truth is, businesses couldn’t be certain about how their situation will be like in a few years. Their preparedness could guarantee durability against economic hardship.

Determination towards recovery is important when our business is affected by crisis. The economic crisis is unfortunately a certainty and we should prepare for worst case scenario about when sales run dry. Successful companies have strategies to ensure rapid business revival. This could be achieved only if top executives have real confidence that recovery is also certain.

It is actually possible for many companies to start recover even before the worldwide financial crisis ends. However, this situation can’t be achieved automatically and it is important to lay down recovery initiatives even when the business is progressing well. Here are five ways companies can prepare for impending economic crisis:

1. Make simulations:

The meeting room can be seen as a war room where top management discuss about things they need to do during an emergency. Executives should gather in the meeting room regularly and perform simulations of worst case scenarios. Managers should be able to come up with likely bad situations that can threaten the company.

2. Gather enough emergency funds:

Storing money in the bank for a long period of time could be a waste because it’s affected by inflation. However, companies should create an emergency fund that they can use before financial disaster strikes. The fund could be used for operational expenses if sales drop significantly due to unavoidable external factors, such as natural disasters.

3. Perform survey regularly:

Companies should be in contact with their customers. Even during difficult times, loyal customers could still arrive and purchase our products. By performing surveys, we can ask customers about necessary changes we should make. This allows us to make necessary changes that ensure our products survive the financial crisis.

4. Don’t hire too many employees:

When financial crisis strikes, companies often need to reduce expenses and it is likely that there will be job cuts. Managers should optimize their workforce and make sure they work efficiently. There could be multiple tasks that can be completed by fewer people.

5. Monitor latest financial developments:

Just like an illness, economic recession could have some initial symptoms that we can easily see. We should read analysis from experts to know whether a crisis is imminent. When things are getting worse, it could be the time to raise the “yellow alert”.

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