How to Travel with Thai Sport of Muay Thai Program

During the peak season from November to January, Muay Thai gyms are in full swing training new students in the art of the combat sport. Muay Thai is an ancient martial art that originated thousands of years ago in Thailand. It is Thai sport and known as the Art of Eight Limbs as the entire body is involved in this defensive Thai sport. If you are planning a Muay Thai holiday, the following travel tips can help you find the best places to train and to find accommodation.

What is a Muay Thai Holiday About?

When training at a traditional gym is no longer fulfilling or you wish to achieve incredible physical results faster, then a Muay Thai gym or training camp is the best option for you. These camps are designed to provide accommodation, daily training and guidance from some of the top instructors in the world.

This type of holiday is not your regular vacation of sightseeing and relaxation. It is a training camp. You will be provided a schedule in which practice starts early morning and ends in the afternoon with breaks in between. Training will occur during the week and on the weekend. It is on the weekend that more experienced artists will perform various sparring activities in a competitive arena.

Finding the Best Muay Thai Camp or gym

If you wish to experience the beauty of Thailand while receiving the fast paced and professional training of Muay Thai then a gym located near the beach is the ideal choice. These facilities are often nestled in natural surrounds combining sport and hard work with the soothing beauty of nature. It offers the best of both worlds.

Really immerse yourself in nature with training sessions on a local island. You can also travel to locations that are not too far from the city or popular restaurants. Muay Thai holidays are about experiencing the culture of the sport.

Travel Documents

To prevent any problems during your stay, ensure your Visa and relevant travel documents are updated and cover the period for your stay. It is a good idea to book an extra night should any flight or other problems present on the day you are meant to leave Thailand.

Pack Smart

To ensure a good holiday in Thailand, pack the necessary clothing, snacks, Muay Thai gear, and essentials you will need during the course of your stay. You may travel to local malls to purchase additional items, but always pack just what you need for the duration of your holiday.

Muay Thai Programs in Thailand

A Muay Thai program in Thailand at Scorpion Muay Thai gym  can be held over a 7 to 30 day period depending on the length of your stay. Students are taught how to perform various techniques in the combat sport from kicks and jabs with power to precision while sparring. The programs are challenging but fun and all performed with a skilled Muay Thai instructor. Joining a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand can provide exceptional results for your health and fitness but also creates incredible cultural awareness and a holiday you will never forget.

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