3 Tips for Getting the Best Interrailing Experience Around Europe

Interrailing is one of the best ways to take in the sights of Europe in one go, especially as a first-time traveler or as someone who is on a tight budget, such as a student. There are a variety of passes available to everyone, so no matter the length of your trip or how many countries you want to travel to, there will be something that is just right for you; Interrailing really gives you the freedom to explore a variety of countries and cities at your leisure, meaning that you can see all of the historical landmarks and tourist attractions all in one trip. If you are thinking of making the most of Europe’s extensive train system for your travels, here are a few tips to make sure get the best traveling experience.

Plan journeys ahead

While an interrailing ticket is enough to allow you to board each of the trains along your journey, there are some restrictions on which trains you are allowed to take. For some journeys, you may need to pay a fee to reserve a seat on the train, and you might not be allowed to travel without this booking. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan a few days in advance before deciding to head off on the next part of your journey. Plus, it is important to have a backup plan, in case a train breaks down or gets canceled as, though this is rare, it can happen from time to time. You may also want to consider how you are going to travel around the area once you reach your destination because it might be some distance from the main train station to the accommodation where you are staying.

Find ways to keep entertained

Ideally, it is a great idea to aim for a window seat on your journeys, as Interrailing takes you across vast and ever-changing landscapes, and this is often a truly beautiful sight to witness. However, if you are faced with a seven-hour train journey, eventually you are likely to get bored of looking out of the window, no matter how spectacular the views are. Therefore, it is important to think ahead and decide on some entertainment for the journey, whether that be a simple book, or taking a source of WIFI with you so that you can play some Unibet games.

Travel light

Going on holiday gives you a bit more freedom with your packing, as you are only going to one destination, and staying there for a prolonged period of time, before setting off home again at the end of your stay. However, when you are interrailing, you are going to be exploring a lot of places, and are likely to be packing up and moving quite often. Therefore, it can really hinder your trip if you constantly have to lug around a really heavy backpack, especially if you have to take more than one train to your destination. When you are packing for your trip, bear in mind that you only need the bare essentials of clothing, as you can buy a lot of other things as and when you need them.

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