Five cool craft business ideas

Are you the type of person who loves getting creative, and is always making things for friends and family? Make money from your creativity, and discover five cool craft business ideas that could see you putting your talents to good use.


There are many different methods of soap making, from grating different bars of old soap and blending them, to the cold process, which is making our own soap from scratch using vegetable oils and fragrances. Soaps are relatively cheap to make, but can sell for a hefty profit especially is they are packed beautifully. Discover how to make your own soap here.

Handmade cards

Although email and instant messaging have had an impact on letter writing, people still enjoy giving and receiving cards on special occasions. Design and make your own cards, complete with origami envelopes, for a business that will grab people’s attention. Many handmade card businesses provide manufactured enveloped to accompany their cards, but if you learn How To Make A Paper Envelope people will see yours as a unique product.

Knitted Goods

If you are a skilled knitter, you could earn a steady income by making baby and children’s clothing, shawls, blankets, and throws. You could set up your own site and sell them directly to customers, and you could also approach department stores with your designs to ask whether they would stock your knitted goods.

Pottery artist

There are two paths you can follow here, either you can make the pottery yourself and then add art, or you can purchase pottery and then add the design. Hand-painted pottery is extremely sought after as more and more people value handmade and hand-painted goods.

Jewelry maker

With the right kit, you can make rings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets that people will want to buy. If you are new to jewelry making, it is advisable to attend a course so you are aware of different methods and materials. Attending a course can also help you to make contacts for when you wish to sell your finished products.


Upcycling involves taking old furniture and transforming it into something both beautiful and practical. If you are good with your hands and like a challenge, you could upcycle your own items to sell, or could offer and upcycle to people who want their on furniture upcycled.


Both men and women can enjoy the scent of a well-made candle, and if you have the patience, you could learn to make your own scented candles to sell. There are various substances that can be used to make candles, such as paraffin, soy, and beeswax. If you are concentrating on creating scented candles, the best material to use is soy, as unlike paraffin it is a base natural product, and beeswax does not accept other fragrances. Theartofmanliness.Com provides an excellent step-by-step guide to candle making.

Soft toymaker

One of the most popular crafting ideas at the moment is to take a baby’s old clothing and to create a soft toy from it as a keepsake. The customer sends the maker the clothes they want to use and you are therefore saving money on the bulk of the materials used to make the toys.


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