What is the Future of Online Gaming?

Online gaming is so popular now across the globe that it is easy to forget that it actually hasn’t been with us for that long. The first online casino was opened in 1996, but the industry has grown massively since then. In the state of New Jersey alone, 2017 saw $200m in online gambling revenue made! When you widen that out over the whole of the US and then the world, it is easy to see how healthy online gaming is right now.

As with all sectors that rely on technology, online gaming is always changing. Where can you expect to see the sector head as we move into the future?

The future paths that online gaming may follow  

Of course, no one can say for sure exactly what will happen in the future! Who would have predicted 20 years ago that mobile gaming on smartphones would be so huge? However, the below are some avenues that are definitely possibilities:

  • Increased regulation – one future development that many expect to happen to online gaming is more regulation from governments. Countries such as the UK have recently cracked down on gambling machines in bookmakers, so it seems only a matter of time before they look at regulating online gaming further. This could easily see the US and other governments follow suit to further strengthen the current rules around gambling online.
  • Even better casino sites – as technology advances, so will the casino sites themselves. New developments will see even more glitzy and responsive sites for you to play at, with new ways of playing that you don’t even know about yet in all probability! Already, sites such as Stakers are using each new step forward in tech to update their existing casinos.
  • Cryptocurrencies – if you have not heard about cryptocurrencies yet, then where have you been? Bitcoin is the big name in this sector, and more casino sites are looking likely to accept it as a method of funding your account. This is already happening now and looks set to gather pace into the future.

  • Bigger, better games – as well as new tech helping casino sites to improve in the future, it will also help to deliver bigger and better games for you to enjoy. Games developers will be able to harness technology such as virtual reality to allow you to play games in this way, as well as having more power to deliver better-looking and better-sounding titles.

Online gaming looks set to rise 

When you consider where online gaming is now from where it started, the rise has been rapid. With the public demand for this type of entertainment, you would have to say that it seems likely that the future is bright for playing online. The probable advances that we have looked at will only help with this continued success. Of course, it is also pretty good for you as a player as it will offer even more exciting ways to stay entertained!

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