How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Company Website

How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Company Website

Businesses, bloggers, institutions, and organizations all have one thing in common; they have a website. If they don’t have a website, then they are sorely in need of one. That is because a website is your digital real estate. It can be where you advertise your wares, events, or knowledge. Your website is where you have complete say, can increase sales, and might even make a career for yourself. To accomplish any of this, however, you need first to increase organic traffic to your company website:

Overhaul Your Website

When it comes to your website, it needs three essential things. It needs security, it needs to be user-friendly, and it needs to look great. If your website is missing any of these three components, it lacks entirely. The first hurdle you have to overcome will always be to capture the attention of a site visitor. We exist primarily in an attention market. There are so many websites and so many businesses out there that to be anything other than perfect and easy to use means you will have automatically lost a customer.

To accomplish this, you might need to revamp your website from the bottom up completely, and that is okay. When you do, go in with a focus on SEO and user-friendliness. Of course, other factors such as speed will also impact how highly your website is ranked and, more importantly, the quality of experience visitors will have when using it. Bloggers and influencers can get away with using a theme and customizing it themselves, but businesses should always consider hiring a web developer to either completely create their website or set it up for them.

A Focus on On-Site SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what is used to improve your standing in the search engine result pages (SERPs). There are many things that Google’s algorithms will do to rank your website, from the proper format, to site speed, to how many broken links there are and so on. If your website looks great and otherwise functions fine, this is the time to do an SEO audit. This step is absolutely crucial, of course, if you previously added common SEO techniques that are now blacklisted today, as Google penalizes black-hat methods severely.


Everything needs to be marketed, right down to the water that you drink. For your website, this means hiring an agency to create a comprehensive, localized plan for you. If you are in Birmingham, for instance, then that means hiring an online marketing agency in Birmingham such as Avid Panda. The more local the company, the better, because it is not global SEO efforts that see the biggest results, it is localized efforts that do. So, if you have a physical store in town, choose a marketing agency that knows that town and that can market with that town in mind.

Increasing organic traffic to your website means doing all you can to ensure your website is top-notch. From there, work on lasting marketing efforts that do more than send a visitor your way once. Combined, all of your marketing efforts will pay off so much more; youjust have to remember to add in a reason for those customers to keep coming back.

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