Shaking Up Your Sunday Roast

The Sunday roast has been enjoyed in the UK for hundreds of years, and in many ways it really hasn’t changed much, despite everything else in our lives changing enormously in that time.

Shaking Up Your Sunday Roast

If you’re finding yourself stuck in the mud when it comes to your Sunday roast, then read these excellent tips for shaking things up.

Change the Day

The most ‘stuck in the mud’ thing about the Sunday roast is people thinking that it has to be enjoyed on a Sunday. These days we have different working hours and different leisure commitments, and for you, a roast on a Sunday might simply not work. Why not try a mid-week roast or perhaps a Friday night joint? If it’s just too much, try taking out some of the extraneous elements (Yorkshires, stuffing), streamlining the veg and doing a ‘mini roast’?

Go Back in Time

Try looking to years gone by to discover old-fashioned roast ideas that have been consigned to historic cooking books. One such option is Plum Pudding, a once essential afters for any Sunday dinner.

Shaking Up Your Sunday Roast

Take the Meat on a Taste Journey

In the UK we tend to roast our chicken with flavours such as sage and onion. Try taking it on a Middle Eastern journey and marinading chicken with rubbing spices such as baharat and ras el hanout. You can read through many more innovative chicken recipes at

Throw Out All the Rules

Eating together on a Sunday with your family, or perhaps extended family, isn’t a British-only tradition. Try out something new and perhaps try an Indian ‘Sunday roast’. This may consist of a bit of tandor cooking, although in the probable absence of an actual clay oven, use your own one but marinade the chicken tandoori-style using yoghurt, turmeric, fennel, cumin, garam masala and chilli before roasting. Serve with sweet spicy roast vegetables and a cool cucumber yogurt dip.

Many people take comfort in the history and tradition of a Sunday Roast, especially in the frenetic modern world that we live in. However, it really is nice to spice things up for time to time.

Hopefully, for your next Sunday roast you’ll be thinking about shaking things up in one of these ways, or perhaps you’ll discover your own way to make Sunday roast more interesting.

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