Common Windows Nightmares and How To Resolve Them

Computers can be a saviour and a curse; they make our lives easier and more productive, but they also cause us the biggest headaches. Although many problems are caused by human error, your faithful PC can still have bad days that can cost you time and money. You want to ensure, if this was to ever happen to you, you can still retrieve your data with minimal losses.

Common Windows Nightmares and How To Resolve Them

However, there are ways you can try to fix those problems; here are some of the most common issues and how you can fix them.

Not Booting

One of the most worrying scenarios is when your PC won’t boot at all. It can leave you feeling lost and unable to think of a way to recover your data.

In the first instance, you should try to boot your PC from safe mode, if you are running an older version of Windows. Booting to safe mode might enable your computer to circumvent the issue and allow you to fix the problem.

If you have a newer version of Windows, you might be able to use a System Repair Disc if you set one up. You can do this on your computer before there is a problem. It can then be used if your operating system fails.

If these fail, you might be able to load from the recovery screen if you enable it early on in the boot process. It will try to repair your system and get you back to the boot screen.

Corrupt Files

Although these issues don’t occur as often as they used to, you can still find a file getting corrupted even on the newest operating systems. In some cases, your computer might not even be able to locate the file, let alone open it.

If this happens, there are options you can use including data recovery software. Companies such as Secure Data Recovery offer free download for data recovery software that can help to locate the files. It might only be able to recover some of the data. However, this can still save a lot of time and valuable information.


A virus on your computer can be incredibly destructive and leave your files corrupted or wiped altogether. The best solution is to have a reliable virus software installed and regularly updated to make sure no attacks happen.

If you do find that you are affected by a virus, you need to run your virus software immediately to try and quarantine the problem. If your existing anti-virus didn’t find the problem, then you may need to download another one to see if that can find the cause.

You may have to resort to a data recovery program to find all the lost data when you do find the virus; it will depend on how much damage it has done.

These are just a couple of the most common issues people have with their Windows laptops and PCs. Although they might sound irreparable, there are usually ways that you can recover your data, even if the PC has been damaged.

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