Selling Your Old House At The Last Minute Before Moving To A New Place

What would you do if you received a job offer in a new place and you only had a month or less to move? This could be a puzzling decision. In as much as you want to move right away, you still have to decide what to do with your old place.

Selling Your Old House At The Last Minute Before Moving To A New Place

Of course, you need to sell it. This is easier said than done. Some homeowners have to wait for months or even years before selling their properties at a good price. Unless you can get the right offer, don’t close the deal.

The most important thing to remember is just because you are moving to a new place does not mean the old place has to be sold right away. It is still possible to move to a new place while waiting for the old place to receive a good offer before selling it.

If you really need the money for a down payment on the new place and some other expenses, get a loan. It is better than forcing yourself to sell your old house at a very low price. You will definitely regret that decision later.

What if you really have to sell it?

In a worst case scenario where you really have to sell the old house, the key is to not let anyone know about it. Don’t tell potential buyers you are in a hurry. This will make them less convinced to buy it at a higher price.

Do an open house where target buyers can come and take a look. Put your best foot forward. In fact, don’t pack some of the most precious decorations that you have. Make them see the place at its best. Otherwise, they will think it is a very bad place and that’s why you have decided to move.

Also, if there are repair problems, solve them immediately. Don’t let potential buyers see any problems. They will ask for an even lower price if they are expected to do the repairs.

Make sure your realtor understands your dilemma so that he can find a way to sell the house at a price that is good enough considering your situation.

Of course, the house has to look presentable first before opening it up for sale. Seek help from removals Cheltenham to pack your stuff and place it in your new house. This won’t take a lot of time as they are professionals in doing the job. If you have no new place yet, look for a storage facility where all items may be kept in the meantime. There are short-term contracts available for you.

Hopefully, you can still sell your house before moving, but don’t feel bad if you can’t. The key is to sell the house at a price it deserves.

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