Need Keylogger For Android? Here’s What You Should Know

A key logger is an essential tool for all company owners. It is a lifesaver as it allows them to monitor and manage their employees wherever they are.  An android keylogger can help you manage important information being spread out without your knowledge.

Need Keylogger For Android? Here’s What You Should Know

Mspy, one of the leading software companies, has shared some of the benefits of having an Android keylogger on your phone. You also don’t have to worry about rooting your Android phones just to install the key logging software as the installation process is possible without rooting your phone. If you wish to install a keylogger on your phone, have a look at

Things that you need to know about keyloggers

  • Confidential files remain confidential

One of the good things about the keyloggers is it allows you to access the phones of your employees. Most companies would often issue company phones. With the key logger, it allows the employer to access the location of your employees. Aside from that, it allows you to keep track with the SMS and other transactions done with the phone.

  • Serves it purpose

For company owners, keyloggers can also help you determine if the phone was used for work purposes and not for personal use.

  • Access deleted call logs and messages

Another feature of Android key loggers is that it can access deleted messages and call logs.  The app comes along with software that records the messages and calls logs. Once the message is received, it will automatically send a report to the employer’s private account.

Things that should know before choosing an android keylogger

  • Monitoring functions

Each company has a different kind of surveillance system. It is best that you consider a key logger that can help you monitor more than one phone at the same time.

  • Phone compatibility

Since this is a mobile application, it is critical that you consider the OS of the company phones. There is a possibility that the key logger is not compatible with the operating system.

  • Stealth Mode

Stealth mode feature is one of the most important features that you need to consider when getting a key logger. There should be no start up icons on any parts of the phone. If you wish to monitor your employees, it is best that the Keylogger is invisible for them.

  • SIM card changing notifications

Another useful feature that you need to consider is the Change SIM card notification. In the case of theft, the employer receives a “Change SIM card” notification. It will be easier for the managers to track and delete valuable data from the lost phone.

  • Unlimited access

Lastly, your key logger should have unlimited access to text messages and call logs from the employees’ phone.  It should also enable you to access the location of your employees. And it should also allow you to monitor them via World Wide Web. It is best that the key logger comes with a remote control. In that way, it would be easier for you to track and retrieve messages and location tracking.


There are so many benefits that you can get from using key loggers. It keeps you and your employees from theft and fraud.

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