Big Gains For A Small Investment – 7 Crazy Ways To Make Money

Everyone wants to get rich quick. It’s the main reason why millions of people fall for online scams. No matter how unlikely it may seem, if a persuasive fraudster offers you a 100% return on a ‘small investment’, a significant number of us would hand over the cash. It’s human nature to want something for nothing. Unfortunately, most of the time, crazy get-rich-quick schemes don’t work out. Nevertheless, it is possible to make amazing amounts of money for ridiculously little work, as long as you know what to do or where to invest your cash.

The following money making schemes are not guaranteed to make you rich, so try them at your peril, but if Lady Luck is on your side, you might just strike it rich!

1. Forex Trading

Big Gains For A Small Investment – 7 Crazy Ways To Make Money

Forex trading involves speculating whether one currency will rise or fall in value against another. Anyone can have a go. You don’t need any previous experience and you certainly don’t need to work for an investment bank. Online trading platforms are open to anyone and most let users sign up for demo accounts for free. Have a go at trading using a demo account and see whether you have a flair for it.

To be fair, forex trading does actually require some skill. For starters, you need a good understanding of economics to figure out how the world’s currency markets are affected by global economic and political developments, but beyond that, as long as you make the right call, you can make money.

If forex trading doesn’t appeal, consider different types of investment such as penny stocks, commodities, or bonds. For best results, diversify your investments.

2. Gambling

Gambling is a high-risk strategy, but there are plenty of professional gamblers out there who earn a nice living from their hobby. Some types of gambling are purely down to luck, but others, for example poker, are skill-based.

Take your pick if gambling appeals. From sports betting to online poker, you have plenty of options. Your best bet is to start small and don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose. If you are lucky, you could end up like one of these guys.

Casino gambling is always fun, but thanks to online gambling websites, you can now play poker or place a sports bet without even leaving your home these days. If you live in the US and you want to play online poker, you will soon realize it isn’t quite so easy anymore. However, there are poker sites still open to US players, and this site gives you plenty of information about them.

3. Modelling

To be a top model, it helps if you are stunningly beautiful and incredibly photogenic. Most of us are not blessed in the looks department to the degree that Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid need to watch their back, but if you think you have what it takes, put yourself out there.

Fashion models need to be tall and very slim. Most models are scouted at a relatively young age, so make a point of hanging around fashion shows and high profile places.

Niche modelling is a different story and no less lucrative. Plus-size modelling is huge these days (no pun intended). Many stars such as Tess Holliday and Robyn Lawley are just as successful as their skinnier fashion models. They also get to eat a lot more.

To get into the modelling game, hire an agent and have some professional photos taken for a portfolio. If your “look” fits, you could be America’s Next Top Model.

4. Reality TV Star

You don’t need any talent whatsoever to be a reality TV star. Most people who hit the big time on reality TV are devoid of talent. They were just lucky. Take the Kardashian’s, for example. They all work hard, but most of their phenomenal success has been down to good luck and great timing.

If you want to become a reality TV star with all the fame and fortune that it entails, apply for a place on a popular reality TV show such as Big Brother and be as outrageous as possible.

5. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, but it is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance. Today, one bitcoin is worth around $2,800, which is a sizeable amount. However, mining bitcoin is not quite as simple as heading down a tunnel with a pickaxe and a bucket. You need a high-spec computer capable of solving complex mathematical algorithms.

The more people who start mining for bitcoin, the harder it will be to accumulate bitcoins. There is also the cost of acquiring a bitcoin miner and the extra electricity you will use to take into account, so do the math before you try it.

6. Invent a New Online Game

Have you heard of Minecraft? If not, you are in a minority. Minecraft is one of the most popular online games to have hit the market in recent years and the guy who created it sold it to Microsoft for a staggering $2.5 billion in 2015.

Now that is serious money, so if you have an idea for the next big online game, you could be looking forward to an equally profitable paycheck.

7. Write a Bestseller

E.L. James is arguably not the greatest writer in the world, but her infamous Fifty Shades trilogy has made her a multimillionaire. Ms James started out like many aspiring novelists. She wrote work and posted it on an online site for others to read. It is an easy way to hone your craft. Readers will give you feedback and if they love your work, you know you have a talent worth pursuing.

Current estimates say E.L. James has earned around $95 million from royalties and the film rights to her novels; write the next global bestseller and you could be joining her.

None of the above is guaranteed to make you rich, but if traditional hard work offends, they’re worth a try.